Greeting Card 2019


Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Designer : Thomas Gueukmen
Impression : Atelier Bulk
Photographe : Christopher Salgadinho
Date : 23/03/2019

By giving our wishes for 2019 to tomorrow, we thought it was time to celebrate a great event together. On this March 25, we wish you a happy world day of ...

Book photo

Edition I Photos

Project manager : Benjamin Nguyen, Jonathan Richy
Designers : Floriane Beautru, Jeanne-Lise Nédélec, Jonathan Richy
Photographer : Alexandre Mendez
Date : 10/08/2018

After 7 years of photographic production, we wanted to take stock of these many adventures. So this summer we worked on the creation of a book bringing together all the shots taken by the studio.

Articulated in 5 main parts: Lifestyle, Portraits, Food, Image bank and Plateau, our modest collection presents our work as diverse as the eclecticism of our customers. Like a suggestive best-of, this allows us to discover some of our achievements on very different subjects and issues.

Greeting Card 2017


Designer : Jeanne-Lise Nédélec
Photographer : Jeanne-Lise Nédélec
Date : 31/12/2017

We decided that in 2017, our traditional greeting card would be edible!

So we started making fruit chocolate bars, from the recipe to the packaging. Everything was done with our hands. The studio has thus become a veritable chocolate factory for the end-of-year celebrations.

The packaging design was made with acrylic knife, to give a cold and cold texture.

Sreets of Paris

Video I Posters

Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Designer : Alex Nauton
Video : Christopher Salgadinho
Music : Gesaffelstein - Trans
Date : 12/02/2015

For the arrival of our premises in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, our heads of hands decided to appear in the streets. History to say hello to our new neighbors and to mark their territory.
Our videographer followed one of these operations.

Greeting Card 2015


Designers : Clara Lie, Floriane Beautru
Illustration : Clara Lie
Date : 31/12/2015

At the Thirty Dirty Fingers, Christmas makes you nervous and embittered.
Therefore, to calm our temperaments, we have created our own anti-stress coloring book to support this tormented period.

Visual identity

Logo I Print

Date : 12/11/2013

2014 was the year of renewal for the studio. New team, new premises, new customers ... so to pass this milestone and celebrate our 3 years we have changed our entire visual identity. Everything happened: redesigning our logo, new business cards with heat-sensitive ink, general redesign of our print and digital media.

Vidéos Bonus 2011/14

Date :

To announce the opening of the studio in 2011 and during the following months, we made some rather confusing short videos: it's a gift!

Eurostar – E.U. Tour 2015/19 Prochain projet