Marc Dorcel

You make me loose my french - Clip

Project manager : Benjamin Nguyen
Director : Florian Nguyen
Illustrator : Florian Nguyen, Rachid Guendouze
Animation : Rachid Guendouze
Script : Florian Nguyen, Jonathan Richy, Floriane Beautru, Jeanne-Lise Nédélec
Music : Sixième Son
Actress : Nikita Bellucci
Graphic Designers : Jonathan Richy, Floriane Beautru
Photographer : Jeanne-Lise Nédélec
Date : 21/06/2017

Marc Dorcel, chic sex creator and European leader in adult entertainment unveils his sound identity by Sixième Son.

In order to sublimate this first piece, Sixth Sound contacted us to realize from scratch a clip in animated illustrations. We wanted to put in place a daring artistic approach, from script writing to filming, through rotoscopy and even animation. Nothing was left to chance for this first animated clip in the history of the brand DORCEL.

It is in the end a close collaboration between Dorcel, Sixth Sound and Thirty Dirty Fingers that will have given life to this global achievement.

Le Making Of
Limited edition vinyl edition
After the realization of the animated clip made following the new sound identity signed Sixième Son, Marc Dorcel entrusted us with the graphic design of the vinyl. Introducing the long version of the identity and a remix this object declines the graphic universe that we set up for this operation and was distributed in very limited edition.
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