Mairie du 18e – Talents 2019

Photos I Videos I Motion Design I Edition

Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Photographer : Christopher Salgadinho
Graphic Designer : Jonathan Richy
Motion Designer : Lola Bögelmann
Editing : Christopher Salgadinho, Jonathan Richy
Talents : Laetitia Angot, Pauline Basset, Nadia Benakli, Boubacar Coulibaly, Myriam Dauphin, Pauline Di Mascio, Laure Grouman, Constance Guisset, Wardine Ibouroi, Marie-Madeleine Jouvin, Franck Lorrain, Ousmane Ndour, Fabrice Pierrot, Aton Soumache, Sébastien Souquet, Serge Tsakap, Fatma Zegaou, Paul Zindy
Date : 31/12/2018

Every year, the 18th district of Paris chooses 18 Talents to honor them. They are entrepreneurs, volunteers, associates, artists ... They are generous, diverse and talented. Their common point: they like their 18th and engage in it, each in their own way.

For the 2019 edition we have been asked to realize the entire device:
- realization of the portraits photos
- creation, production, writing and realization of an original video device for the first time
- cover design for the special edition of the magazine M18
A global project, complete and made of unique encounters

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Shoot of the 18 talents with the constraint of using as decoration only their frame of "work" usual and no artifice of staging.
Realization of a series in 18 episodes to present each of the 2019 talents. 18 identical questions bearing on them, their relationship to the 18th, their desires for tomorrow ...
Creation of the cover of the special issue of the City Hall of the 18th "M18" devoted only to Talents 2019.
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