Hiya! Identité

Logo I Charte

Designer : Jonathan Richy
Motion Designer : Olivier Escher
Editing : Jonathan Richy
Date : 07/10/2019

The urban culture media Hiya! asked us to carry out its complete graphic redesign. From its videos to its website, to the creation of its paper media, everything was modeled.
Thus, based on the first visual elements already in place, we reviewed in depth the graphic concepts and their applications. Art direction, visual identity, activity-based logos, animations, everything was reinvented to create a medium where the art direction and the editorial line are in harmony.

Hiya! Magazine

Edition I Digital

Project Manager : Jonathan Richy
Art Director : Jonathan Richy, Thomas Gueukmen, Florian Nguyen
Designer : Thomas Gueukmen
Webmaster : Adrien Baltardive
Photographer : Christopher Salgadinho
Printing : STIPA
Date : 15/12/2020

For the release of its first magazine on newsstands, Hiya! gave us carte blanche to design an extraordinary edition. Its large format (33 x 47.5 cm closed), its black and red two-color printing, its construction and its folds allowing 3 artist's cards (Ladj Ly, Kim Chapiron, Lask TWE) to emerge as posters in 66 x 95 cm format. As far as artistic direction is concerned, she also goes off the beaten track with the will to be radical, like Hiya! and the choice to emphasize words rather than images. Thus, as for the cover, it revolves around a dynamic and geometrical typographic construction where the subject of the magazine gives meaning to the graphic form, here "urban cultures to repair the world". 

In parallel to the creation and launch of the magazine, Hiya! also wanted to redesign its website to present all its activities: Hiya! News, Hiya! Tv, Hiya! Live and Hiya! Gallery. So we thought and designed this new digital platform.

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Art Director : Jonathan Richy
Video : Christopher Salgadinho
Date : 22/01/2021

For the Talks interview program by Hiya! we shot the first episodes of season 2 on street art, rap and dance.

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