Hiya! Gallery

Branding I Print I Content

Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Designer : Thomas Gueukmen
Date : 15/11/2020

For several months, we have been supporting Hiya !, the media of urban cultures, in the development and design of its graphic communication and its overall visual identity.
This is how we took care of the communication of Hiya! Gallery, contemporary and urban art gallery, through the implementation of its Instagram feed, with the creation of templates promoting the works for sale, the artists represented, but also posts and stories intended to promote culture and street-art news.
Then in September 2020, Hiya! Gallery presented its second collective exhibition in Paris. We thus produced all the communication elements around the exhibition, then the opening and the showcase of Seth Gueko accompanied by performers such as Eklips or the dance collective Street Off. This was an opportunity for us to create: posters, exhibition catalog, press kit, cartels, flyer, sales certificate, t-shirt, and many other media.

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