Eurostar - E.U. Tour 2015/19

Photos I Vidéo

Project manager : Florian Nguyen, Jonathan Richy, Benjamin Nguyen
Photographers : Pierre Lucet Penato, Christopher Salgadinho
Video : Shota Sakami, PH Trigano
Music : Aurélien Ung, PH Trigano
Date : 01/05/2019

Since 2015 we have been supporting Eurostar - the famous rail transport company - for photo and video production for their social networks.
For 4 years, with each new season or major event, we have visited all the cities served by the company: London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lyon, Marseille ...
The goal: to capture the moment, the new addresses, unusual places, the mood of the city whatever the time of year.

Today it is several thousand photographs and ten videos, here is a short random selection.

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