EJF - IUU Fishing in RFMOs

Videos I Motion Design I Content I Illustrations

Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Script : Jonathan Richy, Antonia Leroy
Illustration and animation : Lola Bögelmann
Voice-over : Kate Drucquer
Date : 01/05/2020

In May 2019, the European Union coalition against illegal fishing published a report "Achieving transparency and fighting IUU fishing in RFMOs".
We had the honor of being asked by 4 international NGOs (EJF, OCEANA, PEW and WWF) to make an animated film in order to promote their wishes and solutions to continue to fight against this practice and continue to apply the recommendations of this report
Aimed at the general public and mainly parliamentarians and EU decision-makers, this video is the result of several months of work between our teams and the NGOs. Concept, script writing, story-board, illustrations, animations, voice-over, editing, mixing ... all our work has been thought through at length to make a technical and subtle subject clear, concrete.

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