Collet - Prix livres de chefs 2019


Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Photographer : Christopher Salgadinho
Chefs : Jessica Prealpato, Aurelien Rivoire, Gilles Goujon, André Charial, Benoit Castel, Cyril Lignac, Yoni Saada, Ludovic Turac, David Toutain, La fontaine de Mars, Francois Perret, Jerome Banctel, Karen Torosyan, Yann Couvreur
Date : 10/01/2020

During the whole year 2019 we have been making the images for the Champagne Collet Awards for the best chef's and pastry chef's book.
In total there were 14 tastings over 7 months, 9 chefs, 5 pastry chefs, thousands of images and 2 big winners: Jérome Banctel and Yann Couvreur. A wonderful experience, both human, visual and gustatory.

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