Bistrot Burger

Visual Identity

Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Graphic Designer : Floriane Beautru, Jeanne-Lise Nédélec
Video and Photography : Christopher Salgadinho
Date :

Bistrot Burger is a restaurant in Ivry-sur-Seine offering 100% homemade burgers and bagels.

For the creation of their visual identity, we decided to follow the values of the place and create a logotype 100% handmade 100% handmade.
So we opted for the woodcut technique to give life to the logo and the visual elements of the charter.

An identity that comes to life in the place and on media
Subsequently we have declined and developed the identity of the restaurant through the business cards, the menu, the flyer, the front of the restaurant ... All this from the starting point of this illustration made by hand on the wood
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