Eurostar Ask A Local


Project manger : Jonathan Richy, Benjamin Nguyen
Director : Shôta Sakami, Pierre Hadrien Trigano, Julien Marie
Designer : Jonathan Richy, Alexandre Mendez
Wording : Jonathan Richy
Illustrator : Lola Bögelmann
Music : PH Trigano
Photographer : Christoper Salgadinho, Alexandre Mendez
Date : 10/08/2017

We had the chance to be interviewed by our client Eurostar to create a brand new original content during the year 2017.

Original first in the background because much more than a production of Brand Content we made a mini-series of 3 episodes entitled "ASK A LOCAL". Thus we went to meet strong and authentic characters in 3 major European capitals: London, Brussels and Paris. Delivering an eclectic gallery of portraits and visions of our cities. No voice off, no outside intervention, just a slice of raw and strong life.

Original finally in shape because for the first time Eurostar entrusted us with the realization of Canvas Facebook. An immersive mobile experience for which we have created other content depending on the subject: photo report, illustration, city guide, etc ...

EP.1 London : Wendy
EP.2 Paris : Audric de Campeau
EP.3 Bruxelles: Brussels Beer Project
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