Mairie du 18e

Campagne été 2018

Designers : Jonathan Richy, Alexandre Mendez
Illustratrice : Lola Bögelmann
Motion Designer : Lola Bögelmann
Date : 15/08/2018

We had the honor to be entrusted with the realization of the 2018 summer campaign of the City Council of the 18th district of Paris. A campaign to raise awareness of the abusive behavior and excesses that sometimes accompany sunny days.
After having collected the themes and the key messages that the Town hall wished to make pass, we first work on the hook of this campaign: "Let's share the summer and the respect".
From this concept we have declined these words and imagine creative visuals on various media: poster campaign, animation for the social media and even beer coasters distributed in bars and restaurants throughout the year ...

Creation of 4 posters on the themes of the firecrackers of July 14, rodeos in scooters, the opening of fire hydrants and nuisances ...
After the success of the poster campaign, the City Council therefore decided to entrust us with the production of this support which will be distributed throughout the year. We therefore developed the concept with the catchphrase: "Share the party and respect". Visually we were inspired by the characters on the card games in order to create a mirror effect staging the concept.
Finally, we have rolled out the campaign into short animated films of a few seconds in order to relay the message in a fun and adapted way on social networks.
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