Les Mureaux 2015/18

Cultural season

Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Graphic Designer : Floriane Beautru, Alexandre Mendez, Jeanne-Lise Nédélec, Florian Nguyen
Illustrator : William Girault (2017/18), Florian Nguyen (2015/16)
Paper Craft : Floriane Beautru (2015/16)
Photographer : Christopher Salgadinho
Date : 14/07/2017

It is in 2015 that we started to work with the city of Mureaux and notament on the identity of their cultural season.

Whether for the printed guide or the poster campaign for each cultural event in the city, we first performed an analysis of all media. This allowed us to review their format, their organization, the hierarchy of information, a complete overhaul of the summary of the guide ... This is how the first year a complete overhaul of media was made in the background but also in the form. Indeed our graphic will has been to find the balance between a visual requirement and a popular anchorage.

Following the success of this graphic metamorphosis, the city decided to continue with us this beautiful adventure in 2016-17 and 2017-18. We have therefore had the will to maintain consistency. First by maintaining the background work done (layout, typography, organization of the device, etc.). But also plastically by digging the furrow of a colorful universe, visually strong but accessible.

2017/18 : Ariane
In 2018, when Les Mureaux became president of the Ariane Cities Community, we decided to work with the illustrator William Girault (member of our collective) to visually represent the conquest of Culture.
2016/17 : La Seine
In 2016 we have options for a Paper Cut work to give life to the cultural activities proposed by this city on the Seine.
2015/16 : La Ville
In 2015 we chose to make an illustration by the founder of the studio Florian Nguyen of the iconic media library of the city.
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