Le Fooding

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Project manager : Jonathan Richy
Video : Christian Georges Junior, Shota Sakami
Photographers : Christopher Salgadinho
Date : 12/04/2018

On April 12, 2018 at L'Aérosol, Le Fooding and S.Pellegrino created the event GRAND FOODING® S.PELLEGRINO® : FREE EXCHANGES.
During this evening, 20 chefs duets created 10 recipes with 4 hands. In the spotlight: sharing, transmission and different culinary cultures. And to delight all ears: the "Johnny Cash of electro", Arnaud Rebotini, César of the best original music for "120 beats per minute".
To document this evening event, we were contacted to make all the images as well as the official video.

Site de l'évènement
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