Epitech Ceremonie '17

Welcome to the world of acronyms

Project manager : Jonathan Richy
3D : Théophile Lambert
Motion Design : Lola Bögelmann
Stop Motion : Floriane Beautru
Editing and mixing : Jonathan Richy
Date : 17/06/2018

The Epitech school has once again trusted us to boost their graduation ceremony which took place on June 17, 2017 at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris.
So we made a video, broadcast in the middle of the ceremony to create a break, a breath. This presents in a fun way and with a certain irony the new world which opens to the students: that of the world of work and its language using acronyms and initials sometimes until the excess.

It is therefore 12 symbolic acronyms that come to life during its 1 minute 30. And to boost the rendering even more we have used 3 talents, 3 different styles for everyone to animate 4 acronyms. So we go from 3D to illustration through paper kraft and stop motion.

Marc Dorcel Prochain projet